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Services Offered

1. Orthodontics and dentofacial orthopaedics – metal braces, ceramic braces, selfligating braces, lingual braces and aligners (Invisalign, K-line, Clearbrite, Smilealign, Dentcare), digital orthodontics - Insignia

2. Endodontics – Root canal treatments, crowns

3. Smile designing – Veneers, Bridges, composites, bleaching (teeth whitening),depigmentation of gingiva

4. Dental Implants- single tooth, full mouth rehabilitation, implant overdentures, BPS dentures

5. Laser dentistry – laser gum surgeries, Frenectomies, crown lengthening, Laser assisted RCT, crown exposures, Laser flap surgery

6. Cosmetic dentistry – Bleaching (teeth whitening), dental jewels, veneers and bridges

7. Oral surgery – Extractions, Removal of wisdom teeth, Minor surgeries, Frenectomies, Fracture reduction

8. General dentistry – general checkup, scaling and root planning, fillings, xrays and consultation

9. Pediatric dentistry – childrens dental needs including extractions, pulpectomies, crowns and space maintainers

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