Restorative Dentistry and Endodontics is a speciality that deals with the treatment of decayed teeth. The treatment varies depending on the extent of decay, ranging from simple fillings to root canal treatment.

An endodontist/ root canal specialist is trained to treat this clinical situation to save the tooth. Our Best Endodontic Services in Chandanagar.

What does a Root Canal Specialist do?

  • Simple fillings of the decayed teeth

The fillings include conventional silver fillings, tooth coloured composite fillings/glass ionomer fillings, etc

  • Root Canal Treatment (Single sitting / Laser RCT)

Whenever the decay involves the nerve (pulp) of the tooth RCT is the treatment of choice. Depending on various clinical situations there is conventional / Single sitting / Laser assisted RCT and the most advanced micro endodontics (operating microscope/loupe assisted).

  • Complex restorations:

These are tooth saving procedures like Inlays, Onlays ( using CAD-CAM technology) and restoration of mutilated teeth with post n core build up.

a team of highly qualified, dedicated root canal specialists perform these procedures. These specialists perform RCT in teeth with complex anatomy like dilacerated (curved) roots, Accessory canals, Failed root canal cases, calcified canals, mutilated teeth etc.

Root Canal Treatment

LASER assisted- zero bacteria

Protaper System

Rotary Endodontics